About Me

I am a serial entrepreneur, CEO & Co-founder of Bläckfisk, happily married for 12 years & a passionate family man with 4 wonderful kids.

I spend most of my professional career helping small businesses solve the hardest problems.

If you would like to chat, please schedule an appointment. I love meeting new people and learning how we can work together!

Bläckfisk started a few years ago when, my team & I, built unique Omni-Channel ERP Mobile-Web Platform that empowers retailers to excel in eCommerce and Brick & Mortar sales. We saw a massive gap in the market place where merchants were left undeserved and lacking the necessary tools to truly grow their business.

The Bläckfisk Platform automates most of your internal business processes, reduces employee costs, augments your purchasing & forecasting, globally distributes your products to many sales channels, and helps you focus on what is most important, cash flow.

When I am not working on my professional project, being a husband, or father. I am developing out my personal project GuidedSteps.com and my passion project TOUCHHaiti.org. And when I have extra time, I'm helping my wife grow her ministry, GraceUnworthy.

Guided Steps sole focus is helping individuals achieve the life that GOD wants most for us. It is a customized online boot-camp designed specially for each user to guide you through each step and every challenge when planning your life. Guided Steps leverages technology to connect you with your friends and family to provide you with accountability to help you achieve your goals.

T.O.U.C.H. Haiti was created one night when I was on my first mission trip to Haiti in 1997. And every since, I have felt called to help the Haitian people. T.O.U.C.H. Haiti's primary mission is to bring the Word of GOD to the Haitian People and secondly to provide sustainable living by providing education, food & resources that outlive our in-person efforts. We want to leave the fingerprint of GOD's love within the local community for years to come.

GraceUnworthy helps woman unpack their unworthy story and encourage them that they are forgiven by grace!